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Bubble Magnets

Glass Gems  | Glass Gem Jewelry | Gem Necklaces  | Glitter Gem Ornaments | Gem Bookmarks

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  Bubble Magnet Supplies


How to Make Bubble Magnets 


Make Bubble Magnets for your next party or craft night!  Add Photo's, Artwork, Stickers, Wallpaper, Fabric, Letters, Glitter, and more to Small or Large Clear Glass Gems with Diamond Glaze Adhesive.  Then attach a Craft or Ceramic Magnet to the back of the gem.  Instructions below...


Bubble Magnet Kit

Makes 40

$24.00 kit - BUY NOW


Bubble Magnet SuppliesItem #BKM46.  Make Bubble Magnets!  Cut Photo or Artwork (more ideas below), apply Diamond Glaze, and attach a 1 1/4" Craft Magnet. 


Kit Includes:  40) Large Glass Gems, 40) 1 1/4" Craft Magnets, & 1)  Diamond Glaze Adhesive (2 oz bottle).  Glass gems vary slightly in size & have visible imperfections (which make really unique creations)!  Gems range from 1 1/4 - 1/ 1/2" across (not perfect circles).  Most are just slightly larger than 1 1/4".  Clear Glass Gems are domed (bubbled) on the top and flat on the bottom.


Bubble Magnet Ideas:  Pet/Family Photo's, Stickers, Artwork, Fabric, Foam, Wallpaper, Letters, Numbers, & Company Logo's!


Kit w/ Fiskars Circle Cutter:  $40.00*

*Kit contains everything listed above plus a Fiskars Circle Cutter!


Large Clear Glass Gems

12 oz

$3.25 pack - BUY NOW*


 Item # LCGG19.  Make Unique Bubble Magnets!  Clear Glass Gems vary slightly & have visible imperfections (which make unique creations)!  Gems range from 1 1/4 - 1/ 1/2" across.  Most are just slightly larger than 1 1/4".  Bubbled on top & flat on bottom.   12 oz pack, packaged by weight.  There are ≈19 large clear glass gems per pack.   Click here for:  Glass Gem Ornaments or Glass Gem Jewelry 


*Special Price!

Craft Magnet

1 1/4" Round - 15 pack

$4.50 pack - BUY NOW


1 1/4" Craft Magnets for GemsItem #CM114.  This Craft Magnet works great for Glass Gem Bubble Magnets. Please note that these are not as strong as ceramic (although they look similar).   Magnets are 1 1/4" across x 1/8" thick & have NO adhesive.  Craft magnets can be cut.  These magnets are strong enough to hold a glass gem Bubble Magnet (w/ sticker or photo) to a magnetic surface but lack the strength to hold additional weight.  To hold pictures and artwork with Bubble Magnets we recommend using ceramic magnets (small thin sold below).


Buy Bulk 150:  $28.00

Lg Thin Ceramic Magnets

 Multiple Pole (100)

$18.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Large Thin Ceramic Magnets (100)Item # CMMP100.  Great for Bubble Magnets!  These Smooth Finish Bevel Edge 7/8" Ceramic Disc Magnets are very unique!  They only have 1 side of magnetic pull.  There is a inner ring on the side without magnetic pull (this is where adhesive should be applied).  The smooth finish side has a strong magnetic hold.  These are about half the thickness of regular ceramic magnets at only 0.12" thick.  Requires adhesive; we recommend E6000 for a strong bond.  Larger than 3/4" at 7/8" (.875) across.  Super easy to work with!


*Please Note:  These magnets only have 1 side w/ magentic pull (the smooth side).  The side w/ the inner ring is for adhesive.  Click image to enlarge.


Fiskars Circle Cutter

2 Blades Included

$18.95 each - BUY NOW


Item #FCC1.   Perfect for cutting photos & artwork for creating Bubble Magnets!  Circle cutter will cut 1-8" circles. Left & right handed.  Includes 2 blades.  Replacement blades available. 


Buy 3+: $18.00 each


E6000 Clear Adhesive

2 fl. oz.

$4.95 each - BUY NOW


Item #ECA2.  E6000 is a fantastic clear permanent adhesive!  Use for magnets, pin backs, fabric, wood, glass, ceramics, & more! Even safe for photos.  Flexible, waterproof, & self leveling.  Use to add jewels & ribbon to clothing; it's Washer & Dryer Safe!  Non-flammable.  Acid free.  Made in the USA!


Buy 6+: $4.55 each

Diamond Glaze Adhesive

2 oz Bottle

$4.60 each - BUY NOW


Item #DGA2.  Great clear adhesive for pin backs, beads, charms, jewels, magnets, glass, plastic, glitter, vellum, & more. Water soluble when WET.  Permanent bond when dry.   Thin amounts can dry in minutes.  Thicker amounts dry in 1-2 hours.  Acid Free. Non-Toxic.  Made in the USA!


Buy 8oz Bottle: $16.00

Oblong Glass Wafers

Box of 12

"Sale" $2.25 box - BUY NOW*


Oblong Glass Wafers Box of 12 Item # OGW12.  These Oblong Glass Wafers are great for Nail Polish Gems, Magnets, and more!  Perfect shape for Pumpkins and Easter Eggs!  Wafers are large & clear w/ a hint of a recycled glass look.  They vary in shape & size quite a bit... from 2 1/8" to 2 3/4" wide.  Most are about 1/4" thick.  Glass Wafers are thin and flat on both sides.  There are ridges and groves in these wafers, so they are not ideal for attaching photos or images.  Box of 12.   Craft Idea:  Paint w/ Nail Polish to make Pumpkin Magnets! 


*While Supplies Last!


Small Letter Bubble Magnets

Small Bubble Magnet Supplies

Small Clear Glass Gems

3/4 lb bag

 $1.95 bag - BUY NOW


Small Clear Glass Gems for Bubble Letter MagnetsItem # SCGG34.   Perfect for making Small Bubble Magnets!  Gems are each about 3/4" across.  Using Diamond Glaze Adhesive, attach printed letter to glass gem & 1/2" magnet to back of letter. Great for making individual letters, spelling words, and names!   Gems are flat on back side.  Each gem varies slightly.  3/4 lb bag equals about 70 glass gems per bag.


Buy 3-5: $1.85 per bag

Buy 6+: $1.76 per bag

Adhesive Craft Magnet

1/2" Round - 50 pack

$4.00 pack - BUY NOW


Item #ACM1-2.  Perfect size for making Small Letter Bubble Magnet Names & Sayings.  Craft magnets are not strong enough to hold any additional material.  Easy to attach.  Just peel paper bacing.  Magnet is 1/2" round and 1/16" thick.  Adhesive on back side. However, we recommend using E6000 or Diamond Glaze Adhesive to securely attach to glass gem.


Buy Bulk 750:  $30.00 (4¢ ea)

Buy Bulk 1500: $54.00 (3.6¢)


Small Ceramic Magnets

"Thin" (100)

$12.50 pack - BUY NOW


Item # CMST100.  These thin Strong Hold Small  Ceramic Disc Magnets work perfect for Small Glass Gem Bubble Magnets.  Small Magnets are 1/2" (.50) across and 1/8" thickm can't be cut, and do require adhesive.  To attach we recommend Diamond Glaze Adhesive or E6000 for a strong bond.  Attached to small glass gems they are strong enough to hold additional papers, artwork, photos, and more to a magnetic surface!


Buy Bulk 500:  $55.00 (11¢ ea)


Mini Star Sticker Sheet

105 stars

 $1.50 pack - BUY NOW


Mini Star Sticker Sheet by EKItem # EKSMS105.   This Mini Star sticker sheet includes 105) shimmery assorted size mini stars (1/4-1/2") .  Perfect addition to Bubble Magnets!  Pack contains 1sticker sheet (shown). 105 stickers per pack.


Buy 3+: $1.43 each


Mini Flowers Sticker Sheet

105 flowers

 $1.50 pack - BUY NOW


Mini Flower Sticker Sheet by EKItem # EKSJF105.   This Mini Flower sticker sheet includes 105) sparkling Mini Jelly Flowers (about 3/8" across) .  Perfect addition to Bubble Magnets!  Pack contains 1sticker sheet (shown). 105 stickers per pack.  Click here for more sticker sheets


Buy 3+: $1.43 each


Paw Prints Sticker Sheet

72 paw prints

 $1.50 pack - BUY NOW


Paw Print (Animal Tracks) Sticker Sheet by EKItem # EKSPP72.   This Paw Print (Animal Tracks) sticker sheet includes 72) Black Paw Prints (about 1/2" across) .  Perfect addition to Bubble Magnets!  Pack contains 1sticker sheet (shown). 72 stickers per pack.


Buy 3+: $1.43 each

Black Script ABC Stickers

52 pcs

 $1.95 pack - BUY NOW


Item # ABCBSS52.   Perfect for making Bubble Letter Magnets with Large Clear Glass Gems!  Use Bubble Letters to spell names & write saying!  Pack contains 1sticker sheet(shown) of upper & lower Black Glitter Letter Stickers. 52 stickers per pack.


*While Supplies Last!


Bold Script ABC Stickers

52 pcs

 $1.95 pack - BUY NOW


Item # ABCBDSS52.   Perfect for making Bubble Letter Magnets with Large Clear Glass Gems!  Use Bubble Letters to spell names & write saying!  Pack contains 1sticker sheet(shown) of upper & lower Bold Letter Stickers. 52 stickers per pack.


*While Supplies Last!

Glitter Multi ABC Stickers

94 pcs

 $1.95 pack - BUY NOW


Item # ABCGMSS94.   Uppercase Letters are the perfect size for Large Gems!  Lowercase Letters & Numbers are small enough for Small Glass Gems. Pack contains 1sticker sheet of upper & lower Block Glitter Letters & Numbers 0-9. 94 stickers per pack.


*While Supplies Last!


1" Square Clear Glass Tiles

 16 pack

 $4.00 pack - BUY NOW

Clear Glass Tiles 1 inch SquaresItem #CGS1.  These Clear Glass Square Tiles are 1".  Tiles are about 1/8" thick and are flat and smooth on all sides.  Corners are slightly rounded and smooth as well.  These are perfect for making Jewelry!!!  Add jewelry bails with E6000.  These have a $6.99 retail value! 

Buy 6+: $3.80 per pack

1" Clear Glass Circles

 16 pack

 $4.00 pack - BUY NOW

Clear Glass Circles 1 inchItem #CGC1.  These Clear Glass Circles are 1" across.  Circles are domed on the top and flat on the bottom.  They are completely clear, smooth all the way around, and all the same size.  The perfect gems for making Jewelry!!!  Add jewelry bails with E6000 or a Large Thin Ceramic Magnet for Bubble Magnets!

Buy 6+: $3.80 per pack

EK Tools Medium Punch

 1" Circle

$10.50 each - BUY NOW

Item # MPC1.  This 1" Circle Punch is great for making paper circles to attach to the 1" clear gems!  Viewing area allows you to punch exactly the image you want.  Very easy to use. After use it locks closed (flat) for storage.  It's even stackable!  Perfect for making Glass Gem & Bottle Cap Crafts! 

Buy 3+: $9.45 each


How to Make Bubble Magnets



1)  Clean both sides of Clear Glass Gems.


Small and Large Clear Glass Gems for Bubble Magnets


2)  Cut photos, fabric, cardstock, wall paper, into 1 1/4" circles using a Fiskars Circle Cutter.  Scissors also work well if you place the gem on top of the item to be cut and then cut around the gem.  Or use pre-cut stickers! 


Bubble Magnet Stickers and Supplies


Glass gem on top of cardstock to cut


3)  Apply a small amount Diamond Glaze Adhesive to the top of the photo, sticker, etc.  Remove unwanted air bubbles by pulling them to the side with the tip of the bottle.  Press the flat side of the gem on top of the image.  Allow to dry about an hour before attaching the magnet. 


Tip:  Don't shake Diamond Glaze as it will make air bubbles. 


Add diamond glaze to top of paper or photo


4)  Attach a 1 1/4" Craft Magnet to the back of photo, sticker, etc, with E6000 and allow to dry.  For Bubble Magnets with more strength, we recommend Large Thin Ceramic Magnets.  FYI: Only a small amount of E6000 is needed. 


Attach 1 1/4" craft magnet to glass gem


5)  Here are a few examples of Bubble Magnets made with cardstock and photo's!  


Bubble Magnets


6)  Optional: Add Letter Stickers to the Bubble Magnets!.  We added ours to the top of the glass gem, however, stickers can also be attached to the paper circle and placed underneath the gem. 


Bubble Magnets with Letter Stickers on top of gem


Share, Sell, Trade, & Enjoy your Creativity!


More Glass Gem Ideas


Gem & Nail Polish Jewelry

Glass Gem Necklaces

Glitter Ornaments 

Gem & Paperclip Bookmarks

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