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Sport Foamies
Great selection of sport foam pennants, stickers, & crafts. Perfect for all athletic events!

Foamies Wall Pennant


$1.50 each - BUY NOW*


Item #FWFB1. Foamies Wall Football Pennant is 10 1/2" long, 6 1/2" tall & made of 3mm thick foam.  Great locker, school, & room decorations.  Acid & latex free. Click image to enlarge.  Use Foam Markers to personalize.


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Baseball Notebook

Set of 2

$3.00 set - BUY NOW*


 Item #FDN2. Each Foamies Baseball  Diamond Shaped Notebook (6x6") contains 14 sheets of thick white blank paper.   Set contains 1 each:  Red & Blue.  Spiral Bond.  Acid & latex free.  Ready to decorate w/ Foamies Sport Stickers!  Personalize with Foamies Black or Bold  Markers!


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Memo Board


$1.50 each - BUY NOW*


Item #FMBBA1.  Foamies Baseball Memo Board is made from thick 6mm foam.  Ready to decorate & personalize!  Blue foam is perfect for name & team number!  Use Foamies Markers (below). Make great locker decorations.  Memo board is 9 1/2" wide and 11" tall.  Acid and latex free.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Volleyball Shapes

Pack of 10

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #FSPVB10.  Foamies pre-cut Volleyball Shapes are 4 3/8".  Pack contains 10) White Volleyballs (2mm thick).  Use glue or hole punch & attach ribbon for hanging. Personalize w/ Foamies Markers (below).  Decorate with Foamies Team Spirit Stickers.  Acid & latex free. 


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Baseball Shapes

Pack of 10

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #FSPBA10.  Foamies pre-cut Baseball Shapes are 4 3/8" across.  Pack contains 10) pre-cut 2mm White with Red Stitching Baseballs.   Personalize w/ Foamies Markers (below).  Decorate with Foamies Team Spirit Stickers. Acid & latex free. 


*Sorry this item has sold out.

Foamies Sport License Plates

 Set of 6

$5.00 set - BUY NOW*


Item #FLPS6.  Foamies Sport License Plate set includes 1 of each color shown (Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, & Red).  2 of each design:  Champ, All Star, & Go Team.   Perfect for athletic events.  Personalize w/ Foamies Markers!  Foam License Plates are

4 3/4 x 8 7/5".  Acid & latex free. Click image to enlarge. 


*While Supplies Last!

Foamies Team Spirit Stickers

104 Pack

$2.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #FSTTS104. Just peel & stick!  Team Spirit stickers includes team shirts (≈2"), varsity, JV, & numbers (≈1/2")

Acid & latex  free.


*Monthly Special Item!

Foamies Basketball Stickers

55 Pack

$2.75 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #FSTBB55.  Stickers are perfect for banners & pennants!   Pack includes 55 Basketball Stickers.  Orange basketballs are 1 1/2" round.  Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Sport Balls Stickers

60 Pack

$2.75 pack - BUY NOW


Item #FSTSB60. Footballs, Baseballs, Basketballs, & Soccer balls (15 each).  Balls are 1 to 2".  See below for individual sports ball packs.  Latex Free.


Buy 6+: $2.48 per pack

Foamies Varsity Star Stickers

40 Pack

$2.50 pack - BUY NOW*


  Item #FSTVS40. Yellow, Red, Black, Green, White, & Blue stars outlined as shown. Assorted size  1, 1 3/4  & 3" stars.  Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Volleyball Stickers

55 Pack

$2.75 pack - BUY NOW*


 Item #FSTVB55. Pack includes 55 Volleyball Stickers.  White balls with printed black lines. Volleyballs are

1 3/8" around.

Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!

 Foamies Dance Stickers

60 Pack

"Sale" $1.00 pack - BUY NOW*


 Item #FSTD60.  Adorable Foamies Dance Stickers!  Dance Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Duffle Bag, Water Bottle, Stars, & Skirts in Purple, Lavender, Black, & Hot  Pink.  Stickers are 1/2-2 1/2".  Click image to enlarge.  Acid & Latex Free.


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies SHAPES

Medium Stars - 12 pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW


Item #FSPMS3.   Foamies 3" Multi Star pack contains (12 total) 2 each:  Hot Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, & Yellow Star Shapes.  Make into stickers with 1/2" Glue Dots (below)!  Or make magnets with magnetic tape.  Can also hole punch & attach ribbon for hanging!  Personalize with Black Foamies Markers.  Stars are  ≈3" across.  Acid & Latex Free.


Buy Bulk 96: $21.60

Bulk includes 16 of each color shown.


Foamies Shapes

Yellow Stars - 10 pack

$3.00 pack - BUY NOW


Item #FSPSY10.  Foamies Large

4 1/4" Yellow Star pack contains 10 SHAPES.  Great for Name Tags.  Personalize w/ Foamies Markers (below).  Use glue, hole punch & attach ribbon for hanging, or make magnets using Magnetic Tape!  Decorate with Stick on Jewels.  Stars are ≈4 1/4" across.  Acid & latex free. 


Buy Bullk 80: $21.60

Foamies Bright Paint Markers

6 Count Set

$3.00 set - BUY NOW


Item #FBPM6.  Made to paint Foamies! Bright Paint Marker set includes:  Green, Turquoise, Peach, Orange, Magenta, & Purple.   Also works on  paper & wood. Easy clean up with soap & water (when wet).  Dries in 2-4 hours depending on coverage.  Note:  Will Stain Fabric.  6 Acrylic Paint Pens.


*While Supplies Last!

Sport Velvet Poster

6x9" w/Markers

$1.50 set - BUY NOW*


  Item #VPS69.  Kids will love this Sports Ball "error proof" Velvet Poster.  Can't color out of the lines!   Set includes 1 6x9" poster & 6 bright non-toxic markers. 


*While Supplies Last!


Foamies Surfer Craft

Makes 1 - Buy 1, Get 1 Free

"Sale" $1.00 kit - BUY NOW*


  Item #FCKSU1. Foamies Surfer Craft Kit includes all precut 2mm shapes needed to make 1 Foamies surfer dude.  Just need glue (Glue Dots are easy and work great)!  Add a magnet for a great gift! Magnets sold separately. Acid & Latex Free.


*Limited Time Offer:  Buy One, Get One Free!  While Supplies Last!


Number Cube Beads

80 pack

$2.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #PB123W.

Great Number beads 0-9!  White Number Cube Beads are plastic with black numbers. Perfect with Sport Ball Pony Beads.  Support your team!  Add team colored pony beads! Pack contains 80) 6mm (1/4") beads. Cube beads work with Elastic & Loopie Cord.  Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Tennis Ball Beads

 12 pack

$1.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #PBTB12.

Great Tennis Ball Beads!  Support your local team.  Perfect with pony beads in your team colors! Pack contains 12) plastic 1/2" Tennis Ball Beads.   Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Bowling Pin Beads

10 pack

$1.00 pack - BUY NOW*


Item #PBBP10.

Great Bowling Pin Beads!  Support your local team.  Perfect with pony beads in your team colors! Pack contains 10) plastic White w/red 1 1/4" Bowling Pin Beads.   Lead Free.


*While Supplies Last!

Multi Opaque Pony Beads

720 Beads

"Sale" $3.00 pk - BUY NOW*


Item #PBM720.

Re-closeable bag contains 720 Multi Assorted 6x9mm plastic pony beads.  Colors include, but not limited too:  Black, Red, Royal, Green,, Purple, Yellow, White, Lt Blue, & Orange. Assortment varies.  Lead Free. Made in the USA!

Click here for pony beads by color


*While Supplies Last!


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